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  • Gents Restyle

    Our Restyle cut is for you should you require an exciting new change of style or haven't had a haircut for over 4 months and require more than just a trim. Its best that you bring a photo or two with you so our barbers can fully invisage what your aiming for.

    45 minutes, £24.00

  • Gents Zero Skinfade

    This cut is for a zero blade low, medium or high at the sides and back of your head with or without the foil.

    35 minutes, £23.00

  • Only Back & Side Zero Skinfade

    Purely only the back and sides to be carried out too a zero skinfade with or without the foil finish.

    30 minutes, £21.00

  • Gents Haircut

    This cut is a Gents cut with clipper and scissors and includes normal fade/taper or indeed a square neck.

    25 minutes, £21.00

  • Up To 16yrs Re Style

    This would be your option if you haven't been for a cut for quite some time, your hair is very long and out of shape or indeed your looking to have a total restyle.

    40 minutes, £21.00

  • Up To 16yrs Zero Fade

    This zero fade is for boys up to 16 yrs of age. The zero fade is initially carried out with no guard to the scalp and slowly blends the hair.

    35 minutes, £20.00

  • Age 12-16

    Boys hair cut, styled to your desired finish.

    25 minutes, £18.00

  • Age 1-11

    This cut is aimed at all age of juvenile boys up to 11 years old.

    25 minutes, £16.00

  • Senior 65+

    This cut is for our more senior men 65 years of age onwards.

    20 minutes, £16.00

  • Clipper all Over

    Clipper cut carried out with no scissors.

    15 minutes, £16.00

  • Beard Styling

    Our Beard style service will leave you looking sharp. Your beard or stubble can be lined up or left natural, the choice is yours.

    20 minutes, £15.00

  • Foil Shave

    The foil shave option is for a facial shave or head shave taken to the wood!

    25 minutes, £18.00

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